Are you not tired of watching k-dramas that have the traditional 16 episodes?

Don’t you feel like when you finally get into the story and characters, it’s time to say goodbye?

Luckily, there are plenty of K-dramas with 50+ episodes that have captivated audiences around the world. These long-running K-dramas create an immersive and unforgettable experience in which you can become deeply attached to the characters and their story arcs. From lighthearted romances to family dramas, these series offer something for everyone – so check out some of the best K-dramas with 50+ episodes for hours of entertainment below!

#1 Once Again

once again k drama

Song Young-Dal and Jang Ok-Boon have been happily married for many years and are the proud parents of four children: Joon-Sun, Ga-Hee, Na-Hee and Da-Hee. Na-Hee is a doctor working alongside her husband at the same hospital, but their marriage life is in trouble. Joon-Sun and Ga-Hee are both divorcees living with their parents, while the youngest child Da-Hee is struggling as an intern at a company.

The drama follows the story of this family while focusing on each child and on how they manage to make to build or rebuild a life for themselves despite the many setbacks.

Available on: Viki & Netflix

#2 It’s Beautiful Now

it's beautiful now k-drama

Lee Yoon-Jae (Oh Min-Suk), Lee Hyun-Jae (Yoon Si-Yoon) and Lee Soo-Jae (Seo Bum-June) are three brothers who have no interest in pursuing romance or marriage, leaving their parents and grandfather concerned.

To entice the brothers to tie the knot, Lee Kyung-Cheol (Park In-Hwan), Lee Min-Ho (Park Sang-Won) and Han Kyung-Ae (Kim Hye-Ok) offer them an apartment. Each brother takes on the challenge of finding a partner for marriage.

Available on: Viki

#3 Beautiful Life, Wonderful Love

Beautiful Life, Wonderful Love

Beautiful Love Wonderful Life is a K-drama that follows four people in their search for love and happiness.

Kim Seol-A (Jo Yoon-Hee) is an ambitious former announcer who wishes to become rich and escape her life so she marries CEO Do Jin-Woo (Oh Min-Suk) while forsaking her family. Too bad that things never go accordingly to plan, no?

At least, Kim Seol-A’s sister’s love life seems a bit more clear, but is it really? When there are so many secrets and hidden pain in the middle, can one truly be happy?

The drama “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” is a story that underlines the reality that while mistakes can have lasting consequences, love and happiness are still possible. It illustrates how, despite past failures and difficulties, it is never too late to find joy and cherish the beauty of life.

Available on: Viki

#4 My Father is Strange

my father is strange

Ahn Joong-Hee (Lee Joon), a former idol group member, appears one day in front of Byun Han-Soo, Na Young-Sil, and their four children Hye-Young and Mi-Young (Jung So-Min) looking for the father who once abandoned him. However, things are not as clear-cut as they seem initially. The Buyn family has many secrets, many of which have the potential to turn one’s life upside down.

Available on: Netflix

#5 Never Twice

never twice k drama

Never Twice tells the story of the people living long-term at the Paradise Inn located in the centre of Seoul. The story begins as a new group of people moves in into the Inn, all strangers to one another and yet all connected by fate and an unfortunate event.

Never Twice is a lovely story about hope, family and not least love that deserves your attention.

Available on: Viki

#6 My only one

my only one

Kim Do-Ran (Uee) is a woman of great positivity and resilience, despite her financial struggles. She is studying for an exam to become a public official but her home life or lack thereof forces her to join a company in order to make ends meet. Think evil stepmother – Cinderella style.

While this change of plans turns out to be not as bad as it seemed initially, the appearance of her biological father, Kang Soo-Il (Choi Soo-Jong), after 28 years of estrangement throws Kim Do-Ran’s life into unexpected turmoil and putting Do-Ran’s newfound happiness in danger.

Available on: Netflix

#7 Homemade Love Story

homemade lovestory

The drama series follows the lives of those who inhabit Samgwang Villa while focusing on two residents in particular.

Woo Jae-Hee (Lee Jang-Woo) is an architect, with a long-standing feud between himself and his father, Woo Jung-Hoo (Jung Bo-Suk), the head of a large company. Despite not receiving support from his father, he graduated from university and went on to have success as an architect. It is at a house remodelling site that he meets Lee Bit Chae Woon (Jin Ki-Joo).

Lee Bit Chae Woon works as an interior designer but wishes to become a textile designer but her “responsibilities” as the self-declared head of her family as well as her research for her biological parents hold her back.

Available on: Viki

#8 Young Lady and the Gentlemen

Young Lady and Gentleman

Lee Young-Kook (Ji Hyun-Woo) is a widower with three children, still reeling from his wife’s death. To help them, he finds the live-in tutor Park Dan-Dan (Lee Se-Hee). A flame of attraction develops between the two, yet their path to a happy ending is filled with challenges.

Available on: Viki & Netflix

#9 Mary Me Now

Marry Me Now

Park Yoo-Ha (Han Ji-Hye) sacrificed her life and personal interests to become a mother and wife. Now that her life is turned upside down, she decides to go back home and regain her career. Jung Eun-Tae is a well-established and respected doctor that does not believe in marriage due to his strained relationship with his own father. The two connect in an unexpected matter, however, the ties that bind them are way more complex than they initially think.

While the two represent a main aspect of the drama, the name or title of the series is actually derived from Park Yoon-Ha’s father’s relationship with a woman he was forced to leave in his youth and now gets the chance to love again. The appearance of his old flame completely changes his life and that of his four children around but also adds a layer of complexity to all of their relationships.

Available on: Viki

#10 Glorious Day

glorious day

Han Song-Jung (Kim Mi-Sook) is a novelist and a single mother of three daughters – Da-Ae (Hwang Woo Seul Hye), Da-Jung (Park Se-Young) and Da-In (Ko Woo-Ri).

Her dream is for her daughters to be able to find good men to marry and live better life than she had.

Glorious Day follows the story of Han Song-Jung and that of her three daughters as they experience life, love and heartbreak.

Available on: Viki

There you have it, the best K-dramas that have more than 50 episodes.

As you watch these drams of varying lengths, you will notice many similarities in their format–even if they have different directors/producers and even actors. However, at the end of the day the plot lines and stories are different and they do not feel repetitive. Many of them cover themes such as family, love, self growth but they are all enduring and enjoyable to watch in my opinion at least.

Another mention I would like to make is that the availability of these dramas as mentioned above is based on my experience. You might find some of them on both Viki and Netflix, some just on Viki or just on Netflix and some on neither depending on your region.

I hope you too will find the same entertainment, joy, and pleasure that I experienced while watching these 50+ episode K-Dramas. It was a delight to get to witness the characters grow and develop in an unhurried manner throughout the series.

Which 50+ episode K-Dramas have you watched?

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