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Hello, I am Nana and I have been blogging about books, films, and everything in between for over a decade now. I’ve taken a break here and there due to life happening, but I am back and ready to talk about the latest and greatest in the entertainment world. I am especially passionate about K-dramas and Korean culture in general; you can often find me watching dramas or reading fiction while sipping on a cup of tea.

This time around though, I am joined by JJ.

So, I guess this is hello! I am JJ and I am glad to embrak on this new journey with Nana. We will be covering a wide range of topics, but I am most passionate about books and music. I often find myself reading non-fiction or listening to music when I want to relax.

We decided to re-start Cafebiblioart as a way to connect with like-minded people such as yourself and share our thoughts on the things we love. We hope that our readers will find something they enjoy reading on this blog, whether it’s a review of their latest favorite book or film or just a rant about how unfair that cliffhanger (you know the one) really was.

If you’re looking for a fun, informative read about all things entertainment, be sure to follow Cafebiblioart!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope to see you around.

-Nana & JJ

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Frequent Asked Questions 

How much does it cost to be part of our community?

Absolutely nothing. Being a book lover that shares our passions is free :). 

I am an author, can we work together?

Sure. Drop us a line and we can discuss this further. 

Join an Online Community of of 300 Readers

It can be a place where you can make friends and connections that last beyond the pages of a book. And it can be a place where you can find support and encouragement, whether you’re looking for someone to commiserate with about a disappointing ending or celebrating a new favorite author.

Whatever your reason for joining, we welcome you to our community of readers! What are you waiting for?

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