Did You Miss Me?

By Sophia Money-Coutts

Have you ever been faced with a tough decision; one that seemed to present two options of equal appeal? That’s what Nell Mason faces in Sophia Money-Coutts’ novel, Did You Miss Me?. As Nell runs into her first love and childhood friend after fifteen years apart, she comes to terms with the realization that a choice must be made – should she stay on the path she’s known for so long or take a chance on something new?

Read on to find out if the book is truly as exciting as it sounds.

Summary of the plot

Did You Miss Me? by Sophia Money-Coutts is a charming romantic comedy about first love and second chances. Nell Mason is a top-notch lawyer making waves in her profession at a top firm in London and overall content in her life. However, an unfortunate event forces her to go back to ger home town where is bumps into her childhood friend and first love Arthur Drummond who broke her heart years ago.

As they reunite, Nell has to decide if she can forgive him or move on and remember their past. Can the two of them find their way back to each other or will they remain in their separate lives? Join Nell as she navigates her feelings for Arthur, deals with her demanding career, and finds a balance between the life she has and the life she thought she wanted. Will Nell be able to make the right choices for her future or will past hurts keep her from finding true happiness? Read this touching story of forgiveness, love, and friendship as Nell discovers if it’s possible to find a second chance at first love.



Contemporary, Romantic Novel


The Characters

  • Nell Mason: A successful lawyer who left her home town to pursue her career in London. She is intelligent, independent, and driven.
  • Arthur Drummond: Nell’s childhood friend and first love. He was the one who broke Nell’s heart all those years ago, but he still has feelings for her.


Comments & Review of Did You Miss Me? by Sophia Money-Coutts 

Did You Miss Me? is a lighthearted, heartwarming story that will make you laugh, cry, and root for Nell as she navigates the complexities of life. It is a delightful journey of self-discovery that shows us just how important communication really is as well as how subjecting ourselves to the potentially hurtful yet necessary conversation has the chance to heal us and bring a newfound clarity.

Sophia Money-Coutts’ novel is sure to warm your heart, make you laugh out loud, and leave you wanting more! Did You Miss Me? is the perfect read for anyone looking for an uplifting story about life, love, and friendship. You will be entertained and inspired as they dive into Nell’s journey of rediscovering what true happiness means to her.

I truly enjoyed following along with Nell’s journey and exploring the complexities of human relationships as well as relatable topics of everyday life and of adulting in the end. While there were a few decisions that made me uncomfortable and some actions that I didn’t agree with, the overall story was a beautiful journey of self-discovery and rediscovering first love. It was refreshing to read a modern romantic comedy with an uplifting message and I’m sure you will enjoy it as well.

I absolutely adored the fact that my own experience living in London and witnessing day-to-day life, people, and their relationships (none of which were conducted with any ulterior motives, I assure you!) helped me gain a deeper understanding of several aspects that I was previously unfamiliar with. I guess this experience helped me relate or connect to the book in a way that I couldn’t do so despite being a bookworm all my life.

This brings me to another aspect of the book that I feel the need to mention – “Britishness”. The book is set in London as well as rural northern England and the author does an incredible job at ensuring that the setting comes across in an authentic way. While the characters and their relationships are the primary focus of this book, I found myself drawn to the beautiful nuances of British culture that were woven into the story.

I felt the need to bring this up even though it might be expected since the author is in fact British, but I found that it is not something one should take for granted. The author has done a wonderful job in creating an immersive experience for its readers and I believe that it is something worth mentioning, especially as it does not happen in every book no matter how much the author tries. At times, the setting can come across as fake but not in this book.

Now let’s talk a bit about spiciness as I am sure that is something of interest to many of you. Well, there are some spicy scenes in this book, but they are very few regardless of how it may seem at first. This is definitely a book dedicated to adult readers, but the book is rather clean.

Do I recommend this book?

Overall, this is a book I do recommend. Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted read or an emotional rollercoaster ride, Did You Miss Me? is sure to provide both. With its witty dialogue and relatable characters, this book will keep readers laughing as they explore themes of love and friendship. So grab your copy today and join Nell on her journey! Happy reading!


Book Ratings

Spiciness Level: 2

  • Level 2: The steamy scenes are more frequent and graphic but still vanilla. The books are still pretty tame overall, and the focus continues to be the plot.

Overall book rating: 4

  • Level 4: Books at this level are great. They have a few flaws, but they are so well-written and engaging that you forgive them. They are the books you recommend to everyone.


Where can you get Did You Miss Me from?

The book is sadly not available via Kindle Unlimited. 

However, the book is available for purchase in print and ebook format.

Have you read Did You Miss Me? What did you think of the book?


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