For many book lovers around the world, the Book Depository website was a source of joy and excitement. It was a place where people could find books that were not easily available, including special editions that would have been nearly impossible to obtain otherwise. One of the website’s greatest strengths was its ability to provide access to English books for people who lived in markets where such books were rare or prohibitively expensive. Sadly, Amazon (the parent company) announced that on April 26th the website will be shut down for good.

book depository announcement
BookDepository Closure Announcement

The announcement of the closure of Book Depository was met with sadness by many people who had appreciated the unique service that the website had provided over the years. As loyal customers for many years, JJ and I have grown up shopping at BookDepository since so many books we needed both for our personal interest and studies were not available in our respective countries. We will definitely feel the loss of this incredible website which has been a great source of knowledge and entertainment for us over the years.

The Book Depository has made its mark in the world of literature since its inception in 2004 in the UK. With the acquisition by Amazon in 2011, it has only grown in popularity thanks to its extensive selection of books and free international shipping. What sets it apart from other book websites is the fact that it caters to a wide range of readers from different cultures and backgrounds through its selection of books in multiple languages.

Readers can connect with literary works from across the globe, making the reading experience all the more enriching. Whether you’re a bookworm looking for your next literary adventure or just starting your reading journey, The Book Depository has something for everyone.

Finding the perfect book can be a daunting task, but The Book Depository made it easy with their user-friendly website. Customers could effortlessly search for books by title, author, or genre, ensuring they would find exactly what they were looking for. As if that weren’t enough, the website also had a section dedicated to bargain books, offering discounted prices that won’t break the bank. But the perks did not end there – The Book Depository went above and beyond by allowing customers to pre-order books that have yet to be released. And once they would become available, these books would be delivered straight to your doorstep. With such convenience at your fingertips, how could one not love online retailers?

The Book Depository revolutionized the way people in developing countries access books. For avid readers, the frustration of not being able to find the titles they were looking for at their local bookstore was a constant source of disappointment. But with The Book Depository, they could finally breathe a sigh of relief. The website offered a vast selection of books that were simply not available in their region, and at prices that were much more affordable than those offered by local bookstores. Suddenly, readers in far-flung corners of the world felt connected to a truly global community of book lovers, where everyone had access to the same titles and could share their love of literature. The Book Depository truly was a game-changer.

It may sound dramatic, but it is true. Book Depository, as also mentioned above, gave us access to a whole range of books that we could have not even dreamt of finding n local stores a decade ago. For us, it evened the playing field by allowing us access to the same information as our peers and this played a huge role in our development but also in being able to access the required material for the series of exams interviews we have to go through to achieve our dreams of studying abroad. Most of all, it has done so at reasonable prices.

As book lovers, we are sorry to hear that The Book Depository will be closing on 26 April 2023. For the past 19 years, it has been a reliable source of books for readers all over the world. It is a sad day for us and for all book lovers worldwide.

Amazon has not given an official reason for the closure of The Book Depository, but it is speculated that it is due to their focus on their core business which also has an extensive book department. Additionally, the cost of shipping books to all corners of the world may have made their system less viable than before.

The closure of The Book Depository is a blow to us and all book lovers around the world. We hope that Amazon will find another way to make sure that books can still reach readers everywhere in the future while also being able to provide the same kind of value as before.

Yes, we know that many people can easily get books through Amazon and that their prices are usually incredible, but sadly not all countries have an Amazon store. Some of the main Amazon websites do deliver to many areas around the world, but the costs of shipping and then additional regualtions (for example in the EU not placing orders over 150 EUR to avoid additional custom taxes – on top of the VAT) make ordering very tricky and not worth it most of the times.

In conclusion, The Book Depository was an amazing website that enabled people from all around the world to get their hands on books without having to leave their comfort zone. It is a huge loss for book lovers and readers alike and we will certainly miss it very much. We hope Amazon can come up with a solution that fills the gap left by this closure so that readers of all kinds can access the books they need and want. Thank you The Book Depository for 19 years of great service! You will be missed.

You can still place your orders on Book Depository until April 26th. Shop here.

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