For the longest time, I was quite reluctant to invest in a Kindle device. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get my money’s worth and that it would just end up being another gadget that I never use. But after doing some research and reading a lot of reviews, I decided to finally give one a try. And let me tell you, I absolutely love it!

What is a Kindle device? 

A Kindle is a small hand-held electronic device for reading books, which has been developed by online retailer Amazon. You can buy, download and read ebooks on a Kindle, as well as access the internet (if you must). 

Why did I get a Kindle device?

There are many reasons why I decided to get a Kindle. Firstly, I absolutely love reading and I was looking for a more convenient way to carry my books around with me. 

Secondly, I wanted to save some money in the long run by buying ebooks instead of physical books (which can be quite expensive). 

Plus, I am running out of space. I already got rid of most of my collection years ago when I was still in school and reading mostly YA and some NA books and only kept the books I knew I wanted to read again at some point. After that, I went off to college so I focused more on reference books and textbooks which I either borrowed or sold to younger students when I was done with them.

However, lately, I picked up fiction reading again thus me getting back to writing in this blog. Once I decide to dedicate more time to reading fiction, I started running out of space once again. There are only so many physical books one can keep in their house. To put it another way, the only rooms in my house that do not hold a bookcase or more are the bathrooms and the kitchen. I do come from a family of readers though so… 

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 8GB with No Ads

Was Kindle my only option? 

Sadly it seems like it. Yes, I could have read many of the same books on a Kindle app on my phone or tablet, however, my phone is rather old now and the battery does not last me as long as it used to. My current iPad is heavier or seems heavier than it did (previous edition) when I was on a reading bender nearly a decade ago. I find it too difficult to hold when reading for longer periods of time. That and the fact that I have been experiencing some eyesight problems that go beyond just having to wear spectacles. 

So yes for me Kindle was the obvious choice. The screen size is just perfect, the weight is also rather better than that of my phone, and the technology that Kindle devices use is somewhat gentler on my eyes. 

However, I do get that many other people can get by without one. I have done well without one in the past and never had any reason to complain. Things changed obviously and even though I was reluctant to grab a Kindle especially since I missed out on any potential deals at the time I purchased mine, I have no regrets. It took me a couple of days until I got used to using it and fully committed to not returning it, but it was the best decision I could have made. 

What do I love about my Kindle? 

I think the main thing I love about my Kindle is that it is just so darn convenient. I can carry around a virtually endless supply of books with me wherever I go and I don’t have to worry about them taking up too much space or weighing me down. 

While similar results could be obtained with a phone, as I mentioned above, the technology used in the screens of the Kindle devices is so much better for long-term reading and it doesn’t put as much strain on my eyes. 

I also love how I can just buy books whenever I want and have them delivered straight to my device within seconds. No more having to go to the store or wait for books to be delivered by post. Now, if I really end up loving a book, I can then buy it in paperback to include it in my physical collection, but I can avoid spending (more) money on books I might have not enjoyed and that would only end up taking up space in my bookcase. 

Additionally, Kindle devices come with a lot of great features that make reading even more enjoyable. For example, you can highlight passages, look up words, and take notes. 

There are also a ton of great free books available on the Kindle store which is awesome for people who love to read but don’t have a lot of money to spare. Plus, there is the advantage of the Kindle Unlimited subscription service which I talked about in more detail here. 

Overall, I highly recommend getting a Kindle even if you love reading physical books. You can still indulge in this passion but perhaps become more selective with the books you do end up picking up in physical format. Let’s not beat around the bush – there are tons of books out there and some aren’t really worth owning in physical format. I know that a lot of work goes into producing a book from the writing to editing to actual publishing and those people also need to get paid for the hard work, however, we as readers also work hard for our money and we should be more mindful of how we spend it. 

I think the Kindle is a great device that allows us to do just that – read more books without spending too much money and without having to lug around a bunch of heavy physical books everywhere we go. 

What is the lifespan of a Kindle device?

This is a rather difficult question to answer as it depends on a number of factors such as how often you use it, how well you take care of it, etc. However, in general, a Kindle device should last you a good few years before you start having any major issues with it. 

Of course, as with any piece of technology, there will always be the odd problem here and there but as long as you take care of your device and don’t drop it or anything then it should serve you well for a good few years. 

While no one can truly give you a number, you should expect the device to last you around 5-6 years. Again, it really depends on a lot of factors, but the device should last you a good while. 

How long does a Kindle last between charges?

In terms of the battery, most Kindle devices will last for around 6-8 weeks on a single charge which is pretty impressive. Obviously, this will depend on how often you use your device and what features you use most but it’s still a good general rule of thumb.

How to choose a Kindle device?

There are a few different types of Kindle devices available on the market. The most popular ones are the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Voyage.

The main difference between the two devices is that the Paperwhite has a plastic screen and that the Voyage has a glass screen. Despite this difference, the Paperweight is slightly heavier and larger in size than the Voyage. Both devices now have a screen that is flush to the device which is great. This is one chnage is what solved one of the major annoyances of this device.

Anothr think to consider is whetehr youa re willing to have ads running when the device is in lock screen. You do have to pay an extra fee if you choose to go for a device without ads, but it might just be worthy.

Where can you get a Kindle device from?

What do you think? Do you own a Kindle or are you considering getting one? Let me know in the comments below!

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