London Book Signing Part 2 + other books


I was so sad that I had to ruin this poser, but I had so many books that I was impossible to save it. I tried though, I really did. IMG_0554IMG_0560

This thing is amazing, it is a great piece of swag. It is the email that Ethan receives from the father. IMG_0558IMG_0557IMG_0559IMG_0555 IMG_0556IMG_0553

This is a book I bought someplace else, but I wanted to include this one as well since I haven’t written a post with my new acquisitions in a while. IMG_0549IMG_0550IMG_0551The second book does not have an autograph cause I was to lazy to take it with me. I bought the first one at the signing, but I already had the second one. IMG_0545IMG_0546IMG_0547IMG_0548IMG_0539IMG_0540IMG_0541IMG_0542IMG_0543IMG_0544

I love Raine Miller.



Those of you that read the books, know how much the ish… means. I have myself right now, every time I hear ish.. I think of Jessie, every time I walk in the neighborhood I currently reside and see an Aston Martin (happens quite often *sigh) I think about Jessie..I am definitely going crazy. IMG_0538

IMG_0535Finally, I got these books someplace else as well. Plus the author did not attend the signing.

These are all books I’ve read. I have another one from the signing that it is not here, I left in London cause I haven’t read it yet. There are a few other books that I got from bookstores, but they are still in London so next time.

There were around 25 authors in attendance, but as you can well see I did not speak to all of them. There were a few that interested me and it was pretty hot inside since I did not take my coat off and I had two bags full of books so I just wanted to leave. I enjoyed myself, but my family was visiting so I took off. I do not regret it. I

I believe that the best thing about the signing was leaving the hotel and seeing that group of around ten guys which looked exactly the way I imagined the heroes from the books I had just bought. It was the best way to conclude the experience.

* I apologize for the pics, something is definitely wrong with wordpress

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  1. I’m glad you had such a great time! Heheh and seeing those guys really would be the best way to end the experience….
    Wish I could go to an awesome signing event :(

  2. it has been a great experience well and being able to end it when it please you helps( treking along with bags of books can be so exhausting it dampen the experience if too long)

    i never attended something like that i i hope one day^^. sound like a lot of books await you in London too^^

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