Interview with Prescott Lane (author of First Position)

1. How did you become a writer?

This may sound strange, but I just sat down and started. I have a BA in Sociology and a Masters in Social Work, but I have always loved reading and writing. I used to write short stories for my dad as a little girl and sell them to him for a quarter. One of the first ones I ever wrote was when I was about 5 or 6 called Talkative Tommy Turtle Talks Too Much. I guess I was into alliteration back then.

2. Who inspired you to write?

Funny but my kids, my son especially. He has a very adventurous spirit and is never afraid to try new things. I have the wrinkles and gray hair to prove it. It’s such a special part of childhood, when you think you can do anything and the world is at your fingertips, I wanted to grab some of that for myself.

3. Your favorite books?

This one is so hard. I love romance novels, of course. But I also love to read children’s books especially the American Girl books with my daughter. It’s impossible to pick a favorite.

4. What inspired you to write First Position?

The great love of my life, my husband. Many of the sweet things Mason did for Emory are things my husband has done for me.

5. Do you plan on continuing Emory and Mason’s story?

So many books these days are series. I didn’t want to jump on that bandwagon. Mason and Emory took a long time to end up together. I think they deserve their HEA, so no plans for a sequel.

6. A message to your fans?

Simple, Thank you!

7. Future projects?

I am currently writing another romance novel and hope to have it complete at the end of the year, God willing. And I have ideas jotted down for several other romances.

8. Favorite song? Do you have a playlist for your book?

This is impossible to answer too. I love Maroon Five, but also country music. If you looked at my ipod you’d find everything from Disney music, Usher, Faith Hill, Eminem, to the Fall Out boys.

I never thought about a playlist for the book, but I listened to a lot of sad love songs when writing the parts when Mason and Emory are apart.

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  1. i’m so happy to know they have their hea , it’s great to have stand alone sometimes, thank you a lot for sharing so much with us and lot of success with future books

  2. Thanks for the interview! I love getting an insight into the writing process. Also, a single book?! What a nice change…the trend of forced trilogies when there’s often only a book and a half’s worth of story is getting really annoying.

  3. Thanks for this interview! The author seems to be such a nice person and I’m happy to see that more authors are writing more standalone books. Sometimes there’s no need for a trilogy.

  4. Thanks for the interview! I always love reading them! I think its so sweet that there are things in the story that are drawn from an actual relationship…

  5. I love getting to know how the writer’s got to write down the particular book! And yes a nice change knowing that it will be a stand alone rather than a series or trilogy!

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