Movie review: Now You See Me


An FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money.

  • Director Louis Leterrier
  • Writers Ed Solomon (screenplay), Boaz Yakin (screenplay)
  • Stars Jesse EisenbergMark RuffaloWoody Harrelson. Isla Fisher, Michael Caine

This movie is far from being considered a masterpiece, but still it’s a movie I really, really liked and that I would love to see again.

This movie has all the elements that make a movie good: a great plot, nice visual effects and an extraordinary cast. Sadly, that’s all it is ever going to be: a great movie and nothing else because it’s too commercial to be considered for an important award.

The plot was complex and it made you wonder what will happen next, I couldn’t stop thinking through the movie who is the one who is pulling all the strings. When I was sure that I got my answer right something happened to make me change my mind. It’s intense and gripping. This movie keeps you on edge till the end.

The visual effects were nicely done. I cannot believe they fooled me in the first minutes of the movie. I am usually more aware of what’s happening, but I was relaxed and enjoying the movie and not analyzing each and every movement…probably that’s why I like this movie so much, because it caught me with my guard down.

Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman – both great actors and when you add the elite of the young you have an explosive combination on your hands. All actors brilliantly gave life to their characters. I love Jesse Eisenberg’s character the most, it reflects the actor’s personality. He is the sole actor of his generation that really caught my attention and definitely not by his looks.

I am sure that some would say that I liked it because I am at the age I am still impressed by flashy things, but I assure you that;s not it. The movie is nicely done, but as I said before not quite a masterpiece, but a really nice show.

From me: 4.5/5

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  1. Ohh I saw the trailer for this…it looked really intriguing…Thanks so much for the review! I’m glad to know that you enjoyed it and I’ll definitely be watching it the first chance I get!

  2. I’ve been wanting to see this movie for a long time. I hope I can see it this week! Now I want to see it even moreee.

    P.S. I love the new theme of your blog. Looks really nice :)

  3. It’s just a coincidence but I saw this movie trailer yesterday and I just thought: I have to see this movie. I’m glad you liked it!

  4. for me a movie must make ou dream or at least stop thinking about the rest while you watch it , they can’t all be masterpiece so as long that is achieved i’m happy to spend a good time and from your review this look like sometnhing i would enjoy but i’ve just checked and it’s not on screen here yet… next week are cinema days ( just 3 not all week^^)so perhaps it will be then ( and cheaper) if it is i wioll perhaps give it a try because those days are one of the few occasion i can go to the cinema so i want to go^^

  5. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman si Mark Ruffalo- am urmarit si alte filme in care acesti actori au jucat (nu impreuna, evident), dar stiu cat de spectacular este talentul lor asa ca mi-ar placea sa vad filmul, dar (intotdeauna urmeaza un dar…) dupa sesiune, atunci voi incerca sa recuperez cu lectura si filmele (si serialele) :)

  6. This one’s on my to see list. While the trailer didn’t particularly grab me, I really like the cast. It sounds like they play off each other well, and Jesse Eisenberg is becoming one of my favorites.

      1. Nope it hasn’t been released in India yet! Somehow movies are always being released late here ! I will be watching Man of Steel this week though since its in theaters now !!

  7. as much as awesome and exciting the movie to be watched…
    I can’t ‘coz of much a hectic schedule of keeping with school works…
    i just rely on reviews and video clips online…[sighs]

    thanks for this review, btw…

  8. I saw the trailer of this movie a while back and really liked it. I would love to watch it but I don’t think it’s already out in my country. Anyway, I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait. Great review.

  9. Now you see me a fost un film grozav! Datorita distributiei, a jocului actoricesc atat de bun si a felului in care a fost regizat i-am acordat cu usurinta un loc printre filmele mele preferate.

  10. LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS MOVIE! It was so intense and its premise was so interesting :D the cast ensemble was also amazing!

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